Regardless of regular exercise, you’re struggling to lose weight. 
You suffer from water retention, bloating or wind. 
You struggle with foods that seem almost addictive to you. 
You previously lost weight from dieting, but put it all back on... AND MORE soon afterwards. 
If any of this resonates with you, we know we can help! 


With me as your Weight Loss Coach, you too can discover how to lose weight with no more diets or calorie counting, for life! Discover how to determine how much food you need, what sort of foods may be good and not so good, how to choose and prepare locally produced whole foods. Perhaps most important of all, we’ll help you to recognise what foods trigger inconvenient and often embarrassing side effects and by “noticing and naming” how to avoid them. 
Weight Loss Coaching as far as we are concerned, is about how real food can affect your health and wellbeing and in particular, your body weight. It’s important to clarify that our expertise (and qualification) is in healthy eating to lose fat or to gain muscle mass, and not for the treatment of specific health conditions or diseases. 


As a qualified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition (PN), we have put everything we know about healthy eating for weight loss and better health, using the online system to deliver what we believe to be the best Weight Loss Coaching in the world. 
Using cutting edge technology and the academic support of Precision Nutrition, we deliver to your pc or hand-held device, a programme of information, education and advice for choosing and preparing healthy nutritious whole food. This programme has seen thousands of people in many countries achieve incredible weight loss and health benefits, whilst getting the body they have always wanted. 

How does the programme work? 

Submit your email address to register online 
Fill out your lifestyle and preferences questionnaire to tailor your programme specific to your needs 
Receive your 50-week online syllabus and read, watch or listen to daily lessons, with new habits to practice, one step at a time. 
The programme for men and for women have a slightly different focus. See for yourself, the videos from Precision Nutrition: 


Weight Loss and Nutrition Coaching has been an integral part of my fitness and weight loss business since I first started as a Personal Trainer in the days when the fitness industry distanced itself from healthy eating and nutritious food and instead, pursued their own self-interest in promoting exercise as the true path to weight loss. 
Thankfully, at last attitudes are changing and more people recognise that you cannot maintain a healthy body weight without controlling what you eat AS WELL AS keeping active. Now it seems, the majority of experts are embracing this truth. 
We recommend that ideally, Weight Loss and Nutrition Coaching is conducted as part of a Personal Training programme that includes Fitness Training, we call it our HEAT programme. However, in recognition that this may not be suitable or preferable to everyone, we offer Weight Loss and Nutrition Coaching with our partners at Precision Nutrition as a stand-alone package, always adhering to these basic fundamentals: 


The focus is on doing one thing at a time, being mindful of how that one thing affects body and mind and doing it well before moving on.  
Our aim over the duration of the programme of 50 weeks, is to make a 1% improvement every week rather than trying to change everything in a few short weeks.  
We know this works. 


Learn how to identify, prepare and eat a variety of real, whole, unprocessed foods that add value to your body... foods that make you feel energised and wide awake! 
When you eat the right foods for your body type, activity levels and emotional state, concentration and performance are all better. Simple rules apply, with no need to count calories. 


Learn how lack of sleep, conditions at work, personal relationships and family worries affect your digestive system and body chemistry, and how healthy eating can positively impact your wellbeing.  
We stress the importance of making sure your overall eating environment and habits, as well as your feelings and beliefs about eating, help you rather than hinder you. 


Be consistent with your learning and practicing your habits to ensure you are “pretty good” every day, rather than alternating wildly between rigid or “perfect” eating and uncontrolled or chaotic eating is the key to success. 
Just keep doing it. 
Take in the information and commit to doing a habit consistently for at least 2 weeks before making any further changes, to determine how habits are working for you. 


Change does not happen overnight, let’s face it, it has taken your lifetime to get to where you are now but give yourself a chance. Your body does not have unlimited reserves, it reflects what you put into it (food, recovery) and take out of it (activity, stress). 
We discover what works best for you, by trying out new things and making decisions based on data and close observation of yourself, not “rules” or someone else’s ideas. 


Upgraded programmes with Peter. 
Health Checks for Cholesterol and Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and Lung Health. Alcohol and Drug testing with Health Technition, June 
Home visits from Abbie, our qualified and experienced Massage Therapist. 
Practical help and emotional support from Rachel, our Weight Loss Champion. 
Specialist Naturopathic Nutritional Consultations with Samantha 


The basic concepts we have discussed above hold true for everyone from beginners to pro-athletes. Mastering and practicing them consistently can, in themselves get you a long way. In fact, if those universal principles are all you ever learn and apply, we consider your Weight Loss Coaching journey a success. 


It’s all very well for me to know that my Fitness Training Programme works, and works well at that, but even if all the reviews read well, it may not be enough. What if we put our money where our mouth is and offer a full, no quibbles, money back guarantee? 
If you would like to know more about Weight Loss Coaching and why we consider it best with Personal Training, please call Peter on 01908 678701, or use the contact form 
Want to book a home consultation or have a quick chat on the phone? Call, email or use the contact form and let's get started. 
(Training hours) 
Monday to Friday 06:30 to 18:30 
Closed on public holidays 
01908 678701 
07515 943281 
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• Our Premium Programme – HEAT 
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• And/or Online Nutrition Coaching 
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