Celebrate Personal Training in action 
Boxing with Peter Moorhead Personal Trainer in Milton Keynes
Garry does a HIIT routine in Milton Keynes
Boxing Training at Willen Peace Pagoda
HIIT with Peter Moorhead in Milton Keynes
HIIT with Garry at Bolbeck Park
Garry doing a HIIT exercise - Push-up and Lift
Boxing Qualification Peter Moorhead with Trainer Adam Booth
High Intensity Interval Training in Milton Keynes
Over-head reach and pulses. HIIT with Peter Moorhead Personal Trainer
World Heavy Weight Champion David Haye with Peter Moorhead
HIIT with Personal Trainer Peter Moorhead
T-Lift HIIT exercise with Peter Moorhead in Milton Keynes
Team Training with Peter Moorhead at Oakgrove
Want to book a home consultation or have a quick chat on the phone? Call, email or use the contact form and let's get started. 
(Training hours) 
Monday to Friday 06:30 to 18:30 
Closed on public holidays 
01908 678701 
07515 943281 
If you are interested in any of the programmes with Celebrate Personal Training: 
• Our Premium Programme – HEAT 
• Fitness Training at home and outdoors 
• And/or Online Nutrition Coaching 
We strongly recommend that you join our Pre-sale list. 
Places with Peter are limited and only open twice each year at discounted rates. 
I will send you more info about the programmes, and give you the chance to 
book your start date and save from £11 - £53 per month off the general price with no commitment at this point. 
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