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By Peter Moorhead / Posted 22 November 2018 

You were born to run  

Man – you’re an animal! 
From the time we stood up on hind legs, the human animal has become the best of hunters, able to track down the fastest and biggest of other creatures because we can outrun them all! True, lots are faster over short distances, but on four legs, they must synchronise breathing with the footfalls to avoid crushing their lungs as they bound onto front legs. Lots are bigger, but they tend to overheat and need to stop – we shed heat through sweat evaporation. Then, to complete our list of physical attributes, we stand tall and with our big brains, can see clearly over far distances.. 
Running on Autopilot 
That’s all very well if you are a hunter but, so what? Well, there is a positive mental effect too and I’m not just talking about endorphins, there is joy in it. There is something about running that is almost a disconnection from what your body is doing and where your thoughts go. A bit like on those occasions when you are driving your car and you are either singing away to CD playing loud or you are thinking of something else completely unrelated. You are in autopilot and you come back to reality to find you have arrived at your destination or driven miles passed the motorway exit! 
Let your mind drift 
I do some of my best thinking when I am running and and it is really that altered state of consciousness that attracts me to run most days, I love it. 
Of course, I am a lucky man not only because my work as a Personal Trainer keeps me fit and healthy but because I get to share some of these moments with fellow runners. It is a real pick-me-up. 
Kool Running (I call it) 
Starting easy, almost too slow and easy, getting into a rhythm and second breath, appreciating the beauty of the surrounding whether that be at Willen Lake or lakes at Furzton, Loughton or Caldecotte. Or maybe along the canal through Campbell Park or to Great Linford, Wolverton and the river trails beyond. 
Into the stride and a quick mental check list: hips forward, leaning forward from the toes, arms going front and back not across, breathing easy, footfalls under the centre of gravity, kick back the heels and smile, feel the joy! 
Kool running; feeling alive, running free and light. 
Oh yeah, born to run! 
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