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By Peter Moorhead / Posted 24 July 2019 

Just what is it, that you want?  

Very often when we talk about a change in life, we start be thinking about what we don’t want.  
For instance: 
I don’t want to be fat. 
I don’t want to feel unfit. 
I don’t want to be taking medications. 
I don’t want to feel unattractive and unsexy. 
I don’t want to feel out of control of my eating. 
That’s a start but let’s turn that around, imagine that your every wish will be granted and all you need is a clear action plan. 
So, how about we move from there to define what you do want. 
How about this? 
I want to be lean and toned, with healthy bones and muscle. 
I want to be in better shape — strong, fast, flexible, agile and physically capable. 
I want to take fewer medications, or, get off my meds. entirely. 
I want to feel confident and capable. 
I want to nourish my body with smart food choices. 
Isn’t that more inspiring? 
It also starts to give us a blueprint for taking action. 
The Destination Postcard 
Imagine you could get a postcard from the future. 
It’s like “Future You” arrived at the destination and sent a postcard back in time to tell you what it’s like. 
The Destination Postcard tells you what you want. Not what you don’t want. 
So today, come up with your Destination Postcard. 
In a year from today, in an ideal world… 
Where do you want to be? 
What do you want to be doing? 
What do you want to feel? 
What adventures do you want to be having? 
Don't worry about how "realistic," this is right now, no limits, no obstacles, no reason not to go for it. 
Whether it’s climbing a mountain, biking across the world, going cliff diving, winning a competition, feeling like a ninja, or just fitting in to your old pants… imagine who and where you could be one year from now. 
Then capture that. 
Take photos, draw a picture, make up a dream board. Or for the more tech savvy, make a Pinterest board or start a Facebook page. Call up a friend and make a ridiculous bet. Surf the web to find inspiration. 
Find a little object that you’ll use on your adventures (e.g., snorkel, tube of sunscreen, a water bottle, a sweatband, set of crampons….. whatever) and set it by your computer as a reminder. 
Write it down. How about , write a letter to your future self and get it delivered at the end of HEAT programme? 
However you choose to envision your future one year from now: 
Think it - Imagine what it will be like and how you will feel. 
Ink it - write it down, create some images, make a dream board 
Have fun with it. 
And start moving towards it as if it is already happening. 
Today, make time to think about where you want to be one year from now. 
And take one small step towards making it happen, by getting some help with staying on track
Checklist for today 
1. Think about what you DO want. 
If need be, start with what you don’t want… but then think about what your “don’t-want” implies. 
If you DON’T want to be out of shape… then you probably DO want to be in shape. 
If you DON’T want to be out of control of your eating… then you probably DO want to be making better choices. 
2. End up with a list of “do-wants” and get rid of that “don’t-want” list for good. 
Once you have your “do-wants”, you have your general action plan for this upcoming year. 
And once you’ve dumped the “don’t-wants”, you’ve stopped defining yourself by what you fear and avoid. 
Write down what you want, below. 
3. Create a Destination Postcard. 
Look at your “do-want” list and then… imagine. 
Where could you be in a year from now? 
The sky’s the limit! Be bold. Be brave. Be crazy. You’re only limited by your creativity. 
In whatever way you choose to represent your Destination Postcard (a picture, an object, writing it down, telling someone else about it, whatever): 
Think it. 
Ink it. 
Have fun with it. 
And make it just a little more real today. 
With thanks to PN for providing the idea and much of the original content of this blog 
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