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By Peter Moorhead / Posted 22nd October 2018 

Better Resiliance to Colds and Flu– When is the last time you had a cold, come to think of it, when did you last have a day off sick? 

Chatting to my client as we did a circuit of the lake at Marston Vale we were talking about the “bugs” already being passed around at work after the first cold snap of autumn. For me, it was easy; Christmas was the last time I was ill enough to miss work. I always seem to get a cold during the Christmas break it’s as if my body knows it is OK to catch a cold at that time because I am not working anyway. 
Surprising really because my poor wife was struggling to shake off yet another horrible cold having spent the last four days in bed and I say surprising because I was feeling fine. Well, OK I did have a slightly sore throat and had been feeling a bit lethargic but that was it. 
Personal Resiliance 
Our environment is the same, we eat the same food, drink the same water so all things being equal you would expect us both to get a cold from the other. The fact that I am more resiliant, I put down to my having a healthier lifestyle because I work at maintaining my fitness so I have better personal resiliance. 
That’s a good thing because running my own business, I do not have the luxury of sick pay and I cannot afford to have time off work – no work no pay. So that is the reason why, on a quiet day for me today, I still did my personal exercises because it is worth sore muscles to keep my fitness and metabolism at a level of a person 15 years younger than my actual age. It keeps me young, active and resilient. 
Better personal resiliance because of better fitness? There is no doubt in my mind. 
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