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PETER MOORHEAD // Personal Trainer 
Long before setting up my Personal Training business in 2007, I was involved in fitness. As a soldier and leader from an early age, my best days involved learning and passing on the practical and physical elements of soldiering. This involved a lot of fitness training, and although I was never a military fitness instructor, I took it upon myself to keep those around me fit and active, purely for reasons of survival. Aside from that, it was also great fun – if only I had realised how popular OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) would become, when I first introduced “Freddy’s Swamp Runs” in the early 80’s. I may have tried harder to rent that piece of land to do just that over 20 years ago! 
Fast-forward a few years to my new life in Milton Keynes and I was disillusioned. My ‘job’ was nowhere near as satisfying or challenging as I’d anticipated. I found I’d become ‘a grey man, in a grey suit, doing a grey job’, just to pay the bills. 
I’d previously spent a brief amount of time working in ‘sales’ for a local gym, where I learned a great deal about (in my opinion) how a gym should be run. The General Manager seemed to be disliked by many of the staff, because he “did nothing but chat to the members” which was why the members loved him and remained loyal, but actually, the gym was in decline. 
A lot of the members – although relatively fit – were still clearly overweight, despite the fact that most of them had joined to lose weight. At the time, I was 
amazed that there was never any discussion or assistance for its members, in relation to food or healthy eating, because “we were the fitness industry, and any matters relating to healthy eating or food were the responsibility of the ‘diet people’.” 
Crazy right? I certainly thought so. 
Those early lessons stayed with me when I decided that my Personal Training business would include healthy eating as well as exercise – because, in reality it is food that is going to determine fat loss and muscle gain. 
And here we are today, living the dream! 
Typically my clients are in their 40’s or over and almost without exception, have tried all the diets, joined the gym, read the books, bought the DVD’s… yet still remain over-weight! Most of these people become friends during the time we work together to overcome limiting beliefs and bad habits, and introduce regular exercise, healthy eating and most of all, fun. 
I genuinely want the best for you – to help you make meaningful change in your life, so that you look good, feel great and lead a longer, more active life. 
Many clients become good friends and I'm privileged to introduce you to some friends who help out when their expertise and experience is needed" 
VIKI DRURY // Sports Massage Therapist 
Massage is an element of fitness and wellbeing that is often neglected, but the benefits of a good massage can have an immediate impact in relieving sore, tired muscles, and increasing your range of movement and flexibility. 
Viki’s hands-on expertise is invaluable when it comes to clients suffering from aches and pains, and frequently alignment issues (sprains and twists etc). Viki will give you the best possible advice and referral to an osteopath or chiropractor as appropriate. Viki also has a Therapy Suite in Dunstable. 
I was always interested in massage and what it can do for the body, and I wanted to work in a field that had a lot of variety, and where I could meet lots of different people. Sports Therapy was the perfect option for me, and I qualified in 2010 from the University of Bedfordshire with an Honours degree in Sports Therapy. I get great satisfaction from being able to help people every time I go to work. Although I’m not fighting fires or performing surgery, I can provide pain relief and the opportunity to improve someone’s day-to-day life. 
Pain relief and maintenance of healthy muscle tissue 
Sport and Deep Tissue Massage is my speciality. I believe every gym- goer, sports enthusiast (whether it be football, rugby, running, cycling, netball, swimming or golf), or generally active individual should treat themselves to one at least every month. It restores muscle tone, reduces tension, improves flexibility, restores 
muscular balance, is a vital tool in the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue and can help promote recovery from injury. As well as this, it helps relief tension headaches, stress pains, invigorates the body and revives tired muscles. 
Remove Toxins 
Massage also plays an important role in expelling excess fluids, toxins and waste from the body. This is perfect to boost general wellbeing and helps muscles to recover at a faster pace. 
Improved athletic performance 
Tailored to your specific needs, I treat the areas that require attention (i.e. tight, weak or restricted in movement), coupled with a postural assessment, appropriate advice on how to maintain and improve the muscular system through stretching, adapting daily activity and making minor adjustments to your environment. 
Break-down fat cells 
As well as deep tissue/sports massage, I also offer, Swedish Body Massage – a treatment that targets emotional relaxation and circulation; Lymphatic Drainage – a treatment designed specifically to remove fluids and toxins; and Cellulite Reduction – a blend of techniques that break down and remove the fat cells that cause cellulite, and various techniques that aid recovery, diminish stress levels and improve flexibility. 
Rachel // Weight Loss Champion 
My name is Rachel and apparently, I am Peter's Weight Loss Champion! 
Choosing to seek help with a Personal Trainer is a huge decision. Well it was for me... I've been overweight all my life and I was incredibly unhappy - only now that I have changed my life do I realise just how unhappy I really was. 
I had no consideration for me, no thought to the food I was putting in my mouth and kidding myself that walking the dog for a few minutes a day was adequate exercise. So, it's no surprise that I was over 25 stone... And growing! 
I had tried various diets throughout my life, some did work to a small extent but never for prolonged periods of time and none of them addressed the real issue - Mindset. I felt fat, useless, ugly and uncomfortable in my own skin. I was lacking energy, enthusiasm and had no passion for life. I needed help. 
Sound Familiar? 
Peter helped me to understand how to live a happier, healthier life. Since I started working with Peter I have lost over 9 stone... and although inevitably it has slowed down, I am continuing to lose weight, but more importantly I have accepted myself for who I am and love the person I have become. I have learnt about nutrition and how to fuel my body for good health rather than just eating whatever I had historically 'trained' my body to crave. 
I have more confidence and a zest for life. As a result of my changes, I have trained as a Fitness Instructor, I now teach Zumba, Cheerleading, Line Dancing and Clubbercise! I have always loved to dance, but never had the confidence to do it, now I teach it every week! I am also training as a PT so I can help more people to be the best version of themselves. 
The weight loss is a happy side effect of finding self love, eating well and enjoying life. Forgot 'Weight Loss', this is 'Hate Loss'
Peter has shown me how to stop hating life and start loving it! 
Get in touch if you want to know more... or if you fancy a dance! 
JUNE SRIVALSON // Health Technician 
June is our Health Technician, with many years experience in providing clients with medical health assessments – taking them through a whole range of tests.  
The test results are instant, therefore if there are any immediate or potential health issues evident, June can advise you there-and-then on the best route forward and/or refer you to your doctor with the results. Clients receive on-going support, including stress management and follow-ups. 
June is naturally very personable and helps everyone feel at ease, ensuring all of her clients are treated with empathy and the utmost respect. When she is needed, June can measure: 
Blood Pressure, Blood Lipids (cholesterol), Blood Glucose 
Lung Health and risk of COPD 
Adding to our Baseline Health Checks that include biomentric measurement of: 
Body weight and Height 
Age and Gender 
Body Fat % and Muscle Mass 
Bone weight and BMI 
Metabolic Age and Daily Calorie Intake 
Hydration level and Visceral Fat reading 
Body Circumference measurements 
Want to book a home consultation or have a quick chat on the phone? Call, email or use the contact form and let's get started. 
(Training hours) 
Monday to Friday 06:30 to 18:30 
Closed on public holidays 
01908 678701 
07515 943281 
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• And/or Online Nutrition Coaching 
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