I am confident that with your commitment to the programme that we have agreed upon, and my commitment to provide you with all of the Advice, Inspiration and Motivation I can be reasonably expected to give, you will achieve your goals. 
So confident that I give you this 5 Star Guarantee 
1) A full refund for your programme if you are not satisfied at regular and agreed check points 
2) A free re-assessment by another Personal Trainer if you are not happy with me 
3) Continuation with your new Personal Trainer at no additional cost for the remainder of your agreed period. 
4) You will not be charged if you need postpone Fitness Training session having given 24 hrs notice and if bad weather prevails we will postpone or continue your session as a free extra 
5) And again, if you are not satisfied at the regular and agreed checkpoints, you get to keep any equipment, clothing or merchandise that has been in your use from the commencement of your programme. 
A few years ago I had some builders in to extend our bathroom into the roof space because it was more than I could manage to do on my own. I did my part; I cleared the space, provided the spec and paid for materials. I gave them access and let them into our home, made them cups of tea and generally made them welcome. 
They not only messed up the job, they ended up putting a foot through the kitchen roof causing a great deal of damage; what is more, they were the ones that became aggressive and intimidating. My wife didn’t even want them back in the house so I paid them early and more than they deserved, just to be rid of them. 
They had botched the job, insulted and offended us. They told me they could do as I had asked and they failed miserably. Needless to say, I was infuriated...Cowboys! 
Should I complain? What should I do? Could I get my money back? 
After all I had paid for something that I ultimately never got: A proper renovation in exchange for payment. I suppose I could sue, take them to the small claims court or complain to the Builders’ Guild or something like that. But it was more hassle than it was worth – I chalked up a loss! 
Doing the right thing! 
It was about that same time that I decided that I would do things differently in my business. I would do the right thing! That’s why I guarantee everything – because it’s the right thing to do. I even guarantee SERVICE and you won’t find that in many other places. 
If you complete your Weight Loss, Fitness Training or HEAT programmes as we agreed; you do your daily exercise routines, remain consistent with your Healthy Eating habits and lessons, keep your appointments at the regular milestone checks and feedback notes, I guarantee that by the end of the programme you will have achieved your goals. 
So, if you did what I asked of you and you are not happier than you have ever been with your body, I will give you every penny back... simple as that! 
You trust that, if you do as I say, you will be in the best shape of your life. I take that trust very seriously, that is why I spend my time and energy with you, to help you to achieve your goals, all potentially for free. 
Try finding a guarantee like that with the gym or with almost any other professional service in fitness and weight loss. Good luck because, for whatever reason “that’s not how it is done”. 
I put my money where my mouth is because it is the right thing to do. Just a small philosophical point but I thought you should know. 
Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight Loss Coach and AOP (Active Older Person) 
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