What we do now in our 30’s 40’s and 50’s affects how we live our lives into our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, so why would anyone just leave it all to chance? We do not accept that advancing age means an inevitable decline into loss of independence and infirmity, and so our mission is simply... 
...to help people who are ready for change, become the best that they can be as AOP’s (Active Older People) – by introducing them to healthy eating habits, regular exercise and encouraging a sense of fun and adventure. But most of all, helping them to experience the joy of living a fuller, longer, more active life! 
Life is a celebration after all! 

A NOTE FROM PETER MOORHEAD...  Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight Loss Coach and AOP! 

I’m fortunate to come from an active family with all of us “kids” now over 50 and with grandchildren of our own, so perhaps you could say that I am lucky? I’ll take that, I can certainly think of worse labels! 
Some people say, it’s all in the genes, “you are likely to be fit and healthy, because your parents were fit and healthy” but then, that is an argument be grateful and take care of that good fortune, isn’t it? Despite what we may inherent from our parents, we decide if we are going to abdicate all responsibility of health and fitness to an already over-stretched care system, become a burden to our children or, take positive and effective action to remain fit for as long as we can – starting right now. 
If you want a Mobile Personal Trainer in Milton Keynes and you want better results than you get from just joining a gym, or trying the latest diet, I will help you. I can work at your home or outdoors, if you live in or around Milton Keynes. I am Peter Moorhead, Celebrate Personal Training is my company, this page is about what I do and why I believe your health and fitness is important. 

Are you ready for a change? 

I believe that life is a celebration and that exercise should be fun, so when you’re ready for change, I’m here to help you achieve the results you want, working from your home or outside in the fresh air, around our fantastic parks and lakes, canal paths and red ways in Milton Keynes. 
You may like to read about my qualifications and experience, or even the small print, but perhaps more importantly you may want to know how I help people, the way I work, and of course... how I can help you! 

How I help in transforming bodies  

We all want to look good and feel great ...well it’s my job to help you become your most healthy, active and happy self. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat” or “a body is meant to be in motion”. By following those two simple principles I change lives for the better; using exercise, massage and nutrition. 

Become the best you can be on your journey for a healthier, more active and longer life 

I’ll help you face critical health, fitness and wellbeing decisions so that you make the right choices for extending and enhancing your life, through regular exercise and healthier eating. 

Because you want to look good and feel great! 

I’ll help you by sharing my knowledge and providing you with the accountability, inspiration and motivation you need to achieve your goals. I work with people who are ready to make positive changes and recognise that they can and will make those changes to enjoy a longer, more active life. 

If it’s time to finally transform your body, so that you can really enjoy a healthier, more active life, let’s talk. 

How I can help to improve your confidence and self-esteem  

Negative moods such as tension, fatigue, anger and frustration are all relieved by the endorphins our bodies produce through exercise. That’s why exercise makes you feel better and can improve your body image, so you feel attractive and confident, boosting your self-esteem. 
Studies have proved that regular physical activity is as effective as psychotherapy for mild to moderate depression. Therapists report that clients who exercise regularly feel better and are less likely to overeat or abuse alcohol and drugs. 
Research too, has shown that exercise reduces anxiety and that people who exercise report feeling less stressed. Even five minutes of aerobic exercise (exercise which requires oxygen, such as, running, walking or cycling) can stimulate anti-anxiety effects. 
Physical activity may be prescribed for depression and anxiety. It’s not a cure, but it’s cheaper than Prozac and the only side-effects are becoming fitter, looking better and feeling more invigorated from getting some fresh air. 

If it’s time to really get into the exercise habit to improve your confidence and self-esteem, let’s talk. 


How exercise can boost your social life  

The benefits of exercise should be enough in themselves, but the positive effects will reflect in every aspects of your life, all day, every day. Exercise brings you into contact with new people who share your interest in that activity. With your enhanced self-esteem and positivity your social life could jump to new heights. 

Why you should exercise for happiness  

Let’s forget for a moment that exercise makes your body healthier. Sure it fights disease and helps you live longer but it’s all hard work; no pain, no gain and all that. “I want to die before I grow old”, isn’t that what Mick Jagger said and look where that got him! 
At last, in recent times exercise is recognised as a major benefit to mental health and resilience because exercise releases endorphins in the brain. These endorphins give us a ‘natural high’, euphoria without the come-down! You will have felt it yourself at some time even if it was sometime in the distant past! 
You might have been swimming or jogging, or even walking and there is that moment when suddenly it was no longer a struggle and you felt like you could carry on forever. That moment of bliss is thanks to endorphins. 

This is how endorphins play their part 

Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, sending these chemicals throughout the body. Endorphin release varies from person to person; some people will feel an endorphin rush, or second wind, after jogging for 10 minutes. Others will jog for half an hour before their second wind kicks in. 
You don’t have to exercise vigorously to stimulate endorphin release: meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, even eating spicy food or breathing deeply – these all cause your body to produce endorphins naturally. 
If you’re ready to celebrate life with me, please call me on 01908 678701 or alternatively email peter.moorhead@celebratetraining.co.uk. I look forward to meeting you in our Parks, on the redways, along the canals and riverside walks and to sharing the joy of running, cycling, walking and playing out in the fresh air; getting fit, keeping the middle age spread under control and having some fun. 
Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight Loss Coach and AOP (Active Older Person) 
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